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Age poses massive daily confrontations for older adults. If one is suffering from a health condition such as Arthritis, bathing or dressing without assistance becomes unfeasible. Weak eyesight can make it unsafe to move around or go for doctor’s appointment. If one is dependent on a cane, walker or wheelchair it makes things even worse.

It’s encouraging to know that our live-in caregivers can make it promising for your aging parents to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own home. Covering your parent needs with personal or memory care services, basic housekeeping or companionship or around the clock care, Priyaashraya will craft a tailored care plan for your loved one’s exclusive needs. We also understand that your parents’ needs change over time,and we are here to reconsider their needs at every phase to make the most of their self-determination, independence and quality of life.

You may be ignorant of your aging loved one’s needs as your senior parents usually don’t want to complain or admit they can’t take care of themselves anymore. No one wants to lose their freedom or become troublesome to their children. In fact most of all, seniors want to live out their days where they feel most relaxing that is in their own home.

Our range of services—from basic companionship to around the clock care—that makes it possible for seniors to remain independent for as long as possible. For example, some seniors only need help with certain activities of daily living, while others require live in home care. Your senior parent may necessitate around-the- clock in-home nursing care if they are recuperating from a sickness or illness, going through a health condition such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, have restricted mobility or live far away from family and friends who could lend a hand.

Priyaashraya offers three types of live in elder care services.

Live in Care

Live in Care

If your loved one requires substantial help on a “live-in” basis, Priyaashraya can offer a live in care provider to help with all activities of daily living warming food, light housekeeping, errands, bathing, dressing, grooming and transportation.

Attentive Care

24/7 Attentive Care

Some older adults need nonstop care to remain in the comfort of their own homes. People requiring 24/7 dutiful care as they may wake often, wander, suffer from dementia or have a serious medical condition requiring constant monitoring.

Hourly care

Hourly care

If you are someone who is taking care of an elderly, and need to take a break for your ‘me time’ or need help is some tasks which you cannot do it all by yourself.

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